Classroom to Classroom: Cantonian High School students meet pupils from Wuhan, China, over Skype

On the BBC News School Report Day, 2017 on Thursday 16th March, at 10.30am, our students at Cantonian High School, Wales, had a live video conversation with pupils in an international school in Wuhan, China. They were eight hours ahead, at 6.30pm. The class was taught by  former Science technician Ben Curwen, and the school was Wuhan Optics Valley International Foreign Language School (WOFLS) in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. See our conversation below!

Many students asked a series of questions in turn, and gave their responses to questions from China in return. Topics included favourite subjects, sports and clubs, comparing thoughts on the school uniform, and we even got to here the musical school bell in the Chinese school.

Map of Wuhan location in China, Asia:


Presented by Rhiannon J and Seren M
Filmed by Kyle J, Leon B, Jack L, Orlando E, Tina J
Skype filming operated by Corey C
Video Editing by Rhydian H and news team.



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